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The temperatures are warming up and the summer months are almost underway. It’s a perfect time for any quick reminder on how to protect your precious eyes from harmful UV rays. You don’t have to sacrifice fun in the sun the slightest bit, but taking simple precautions may help keep the eyes nice and healthy.

Just as UV harm to skin can result in cancer, in case you eyes suffer damage from UV rays, it can be extremely harmful and is also related to cataracts, as well as macula degeneration, photokeratitis, ptergyia and pinguecula. For those who are unaware of the facts of each of the, I encourage that you learn more about it. The short explanation is: it isn’t a very important thing.

It’s not every gloom and doom though. We’ve come up with some simple eye care tips that assist protect your vision while you are out experiencing the summer weather:

1. Avoid the midday sun. The sun are at its biggest levels through the points during the 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., if possible, avoid spending too much effort outside during this time period. However, in the event you are out do your best, be sure to wear a lot of sunscreen, a hat, as well as quality UV-protected sunglasses. That brings us to the second tip…

2. Wear UV protection sunglasses. Not all sunglasses are the same. Make sure your sunglasses offer 100% UV protection. This is so very important, so don’t shortchange up your eyes. It’s worthwhile to shell out a little more or to shell out more time trying to find the correct sunglasses.

3. Sunglasses aren’t exclusively for sunny days. Your sunglasses are for over only a supply of shade for your eyes. They drive back harmful UV rays. It’s reputed you can still get a sun burn if it is cloudy. This same logic reinforces why you need to wear UV-protected sunglasses on cloudy days.

4. Have a spare. You aren’t getting advanced notice once your sunglasses opt to break or wander off, therefore it is usually a good idea to experience a spare group of sunglasses with UV protection nearby. At the very least, in the event the person you’re with forgets their particular, you’ll be there to help them out. After all, what exactly are friends for?

5. Drink a good amount of water. What isn’t water beneficial to? It’s important to drink a good amount of good fluids, particularly on hot summer days. Not only is it essential to prevent dehydration, it assists to maintain your eyes feeling fresh, rather than dried-out and feeling tired.
So decide to enjoy summer-just please take the added precautions to maintain your eyes safe.